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Folding System
Have you ever noticed how most folding bikes look like someone took a hacksaw and cut them in half and added a hinge to allow them to fold? Not very imaginative, and certainly not very good for the ride quality (when a tube is cut in half, it loses its torsional rigidity, making the bike less stable and more prone to failure).

The patented F.I.T.™ system developed by Montague engineers, and found on all our bikes, uses a system that does not cut any tubes in half. In fact, when looking at our bikes, it is not immediately clear how they fold, or even that they fold at all. We use our patented Concentrus™ system, which is a tube within a tube design that actually strengthens the frame by incorporating technology found on some high performance, dual suspension mountain bikes.

This technology was developed by Montague for military use and is covered under numerous patents worldwide. No tools are required to fold and unfold Montague bicycles. Simply remove the front wheel and unlock one frame quick release. This can be done in a matter of seconds allowing the bike to be stored with ease on the side of an LAV or tank and in the back of a HMMWV or police cruiser.