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Practical Uses
Air Drop Ground Mobility
The Paratrooper Tactical Mountain Bike was designed as ground mobility for airborne units. It is a sturdy, durable full size Mountain Bike, designed to fold so the bike can be dropped on a static line. Once on the ground the bike is unfolded and serves as effective, efficient and stealthy ground transportation, allowing easy evacuation upon completion of a mission.
LAV / Reconnaissance Scout
Using the Paratrooper Tactical Mountain Bike in conjunction with LAV's or APC's, allows the company increased mobility and security. The Paratrooper Reconnaissance model folds so you can attach it to the side of vehicle and serves as back- up transportation. The Paratrooper is a stealthy recon/scout vehicle able to travel with little to no thermal and acoustic signatures.
Alternative to Foot Soldier
The Paratrooper Tactical Mountain Bike offers the most efficient form of human powered transportation available. Men on mountain bikes have off-body load bearing capabilities, can traverse any terrain, move at high speeds without breakdown, and can refuel themselves with local water and food. It is also a great moral builder - the guys really enjoy traveling around on a bike rather than on foot.
Law Enforcement / Emergency
Bicycles are a proven method of law enforcement and are being used increasingly by agencies throughout the country to patrol areas previously patrolled on foot or on horse. The Paratrooper model folds to fit in the trunk of a police cruiser, the officer can now drive to any location, park, remove the bicycle from the trunk of the cruiser, unfold and begin patrolling otherwise hard to protect areas.
Personal Transportation / Recreation
While the Paratrooper was designed with the most rugged scenarios possible in mind, this doesn't discount it as a great bike for commuting, travel, mountain biking, or anything else. Shortly after Montague developed the paratrooper in conjunction with DARPA, the company created a do-it-all version of the paratrooper for civilians. Both rugged and dependable, this bike will allow you to ride year round be it to the coffee shop or down the side of a mountain.
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