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TIME: For Mountain Biking in Afghanistan
Few bicycle companies need to measure the size of an aircraft door when designing a new model. But Montague Corp., based in Cambridge, Mass., did exactly that when the Pentagon said it needed a lightweight, foldable bike that special-operations forces could carry as they jumped out of airplanes into enemy territory...(click for more)
The Ride: East Coast Wheels in War
With the origins of the bicycle variously credited to German, British and French inventors, the industrial East Coast was the first part of the country to see early models and to enter the manufacturing fray. Consequently, East Coast firms inaugurated the practice of equipping battalions with military bicycles. That trend continues today...(click for more)
Texas Parks & Wildlife: Outdoor Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos
The Montague Paratrooper Bike was designed so that U.S. Special Forces dropping silently from the sky could travel with stealth in enemy territory. This 24-speed mountain bike folds into a 3-by-3-by-1-foot square that weighs only 29 pounds for easy portability, storage and deployment. It is available in exactly the same configuration to civilians as a rugged recreational bicycle that can be quickly assembled or disassembled without tools using a quick-release latch system...(click for more)
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